Tucson company a part of a $42 million project to improv electric vehicle battery technology

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced a $42 million plan to make advanced electric vehicle batteries cheaper and more efficient in America. And a Tucson company will take part. The EVs4ALL program selected 12 teams from universities, national laboratories and the private sector to develop new battery technologies to make way for easy electric vehicle adoption. 

AZ Corporation Commission approves changes to plan to expand wind power in Arizona

The Arizona Corporation Commission has approved a modification to a plan for new transmission lines. The vote could pave the way for more wind energy in Arizona.  The SunZia Southwest Transmission Project will move wind power from central New Mexico to substations in Pinal County, bringing clean energy to rural communities and California markets.

Sierra Club gives poor marks to AZ utilities on climate change response

The state’s major utilities have publicly committed themselves to clean energy. But conservationists say they have a long way to go if they are to meet their goals. The Sierra Club recently issued a nationwide report on how well power companies are making the transition to clean energy.

ASU’s mechanical trees could make a dent in climate change

Carbon emissions, which contribute to climate change, are rising. The U.S. Energy information administration found that carbon emissions rose 8% in 2021, and some scientists are worried that we aren’t adapting fast enough to meet this change. A device that looks like a metal tree could help. It looks like a 10-foot-tall beer keg. But […]

Phoenix Zoo installs solar-powered car charging stations

One of the big challenges to a carbon-free grid will be to replace gas vehicles with electric. The Phoenix Zoo has built some necessary infrastructure to help with that transition. A recent study at Arizona State University found that building a clean energy grid will require a lot of charging stations.

New Arizona Corporation Commission Solar Rule Goes Against APS’s Wishes

The Arizona Corporation Commission made headlines recently as the new CEO of APS’s parent company, Jeff Guldner, made a public apology to customers. But, while most eyes were on Guldner at that hearing — and certainly most of the attention from news outlets — utility regulators also took a vote that stood in stark contrast to […]