Want to bring more jobs to Arizona? Invest in EV manufacturing

It’s clear from 2022 that electric vehicles are here to stay. EVs experienced exponential sales growth last year and automakers are committing to electrify more vehicle models than ever before. For Arizona, this means that electric vehicles can bring even more jobs to the state, more economic investment, and establish a true EV manufacturing hub. For consumers, […]

Ignoring gas planning means utility customers lose

Data and information play a fundamental role in managing our daily lives. Utility customers want to believe their utilities thoroughly investigate what combination of resources is needed for their future needs. Whether those resources are new or making the old infrastructure more efficient, we expect utilities like Southwest Gas to evaluate and identify various procurement […]

Group pushes cities, towns to use electric vehicles

Arizona Public Interest Research Group Education Fund is continuing its advocacy efforts to widen electric vehicle usage across the state. Currently, it is targeting Arizona’s municipal vehicle fleet. A recent press release stated that Arizona’s 10 largest municipalities could save a combined $80 million by replacing light duty cars and trucks with electric vehicles over the next […]

State must modernize energy rules by increasing renewable standards

Arizona utility regulators did a big thing recently, though it largely went unnoticed. They should be commended for coming together in bipartisan fashion to support a plan that has the potential to help facilitate Arizona’s energy demands while creating local jobs and saving consumers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Will the Corporation Commission be able to take a bow?

The spotlight has been shining bright on the Arizona Corporation Commission. Since the start of the year, utility disconnection policies, rate cases, deregulation, Arizona Public Service Co. customer education, Johnson Utilities & EPCOR, CenturyLink and 911, and numerous other issues have taken center stage.

Stronger renewable energy standard good for state’s economy

Thanks to this report, the benefits of REST are clear — and there are even more for Arizona to take advantage of by strengthening the policy. The numbers speak for themselves. I hope the commission takes note of this and feels confident that a stronger REST is the right move for Arizonans.

APS CEO, staff to appear before Corporation Commission

It took the former CEO of APS roughly 10 years to answer questions at the Arizona Corporation Commission and it’s taken less than one month for his successor to do the same.  Jeff Guldner, the current boss of APS – and its parent company Pinnacle West – has accepted the invitation from commissioners to attend […]