Lawn care goes electric

Gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment – lawn mowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers, snow blowers and other machines – is noisy and polluting, with some machines emitting as much pollution in an hour as driving hundreds of miles in a car. And that pollution is released right in the middle of our neighborhoods, where people live and […]

Phoenix-Based Solar Co. Launches New AI-Powered Home Energy Assessment Tool

SOAR Energy, the solar company powered by Better Earth, announced the launch of SolarScan, its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) powered home energy assessment tool for homeowners and solar contractors to analyze properties and receive a curated report on potential savings and power generation. Utilizing AI, ML and satellite imagery, SolarScan offers a groundbreaking […]

Solar Power Shines Bright in Goodyear, AZ with Residential Solar Panel Installations

In a bid to embrace a greener and more sustainable future, residents of Goodyear, Arizona, are turning their attention to solar power. Residential solar panel installations have become increasingly popular in this sunny city, ushering in a new era of energy efficiency and cost savings. As the demand for residential solar solutions soars, Goodyear is […]

Renewable energy moratorium passed in split vote, reduced to 240 days

Countless visitors flock to Western Arizona each year, as one of the region’s most popular tourist destinations. But although many are welcome to soak up the Arizona sun, the solar energy industry will have to wait. The Mohave County Board of Supervisors voted in favor of a moratorium on renewable energy (specifically, for energy overlay […]

How gas utilities used tobacco tactics to avoid gas stove regulations

In the late 1960s, natural gas utilities launched “Operation Attack,” a bold marketing campaign to bring lots more gas stoves into people’s kitchens. The gas utilities called Operation Attack their “most ambitious advertising and merchandising program ever.” But as it got underway, concerns were becoming public about indoor pollution from gas stoves, including household levels […]

Amphenol to start solar panel junction box production in Arizona before year’s end

The solar panel subcomponent manufacturing market is heating up in the United States. In addition to more backsheets, EVA sheets and glass being made in America, solar panel makers will soon be able to use Made-in-USA junction boxes in their final product, thanks to Amphenol Industrial Operations. Amphenol Industrial Operations (AIO), a business unit of Amphenol Corporation, is […]

Pima County wants public input on fighting climate change

Pima County is joining the effort to address climate change by acting locally. But they want to hear from county residents on how to do it. Hundreds of millions of dollars are within reach for various options on fighting climate change. Still, the county has to do a thorough survey of the public before submitting […]

Conservationists say new SRP energy plan should focus on renewables

Salt River Project recently outlined its goals for energy production and sustainability goals through 2035, but conservation groups criticized the utility for its lack of commitment to renewable energy. SRP characterized the plan as a roadmap for future energy goals, and said it factored in things like affordability and reliability in a market where power […]