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Arizona Voices: Electric vehicles can save $283 million for taxpayers

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While it seems that Arizonans have different opinions on almost everything these days, there’s one thing the vast majority of us can agree on: Our state and local governments need to use our tax dollars more wisely. Fortunately, due to a confluence of factors, transitioning light-duty government fleets to electric vehicles provides a sensible way to save taxpayers a truckload of cash.

According to Electric Vehicles Save Money for Government Fleets, a new report by Arizona PIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group, state and local governments in Arizona could save taxpayers $283 million if they collectively transitioned their light-duty fleets to electric when they retire older vehicles. The state fleet alone could save taxpayers $26 million. Nationwide, the 50 states and municipalities and counties within them could save taxpayers nearly $11 billion in lifetime expenses by purchasing electric vehicles as opposed to gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles for their light-duty fleets.

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Arizona Voices: Electric vehicles can save $283 million for taxpayers

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