A broad coalition of more than 30 NGOs, industry, faith and community groups have worked together for nearly two years to urge the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to modernize the state’s outdated rules on energy efficiency and renewable energy targets. During this time, both Republican and Democratic commissioners have signaled support for higher renewable energy […]

Letters to the editor: Arizona should lead in renewable, clean energy

I just retired from Arizona State University, where I worked with academic technology for almost 30 years. I have been impressed by this university’s dedication to clean energy (evidenced in part by solar panels on a majority of building roofs and parking structures on its campuses) and I call upon the Corporation Commission to continue […]

Coconino Voices: End of Navajo coal, beginning of energy future

When the Navajo Generating Station Coal Plant burned its last lump of coal on Nov. 18, a window of opportunity opened for Arizona’s clean energy future. Over the next several years, as pollution dissipates from the Navajo Nation, we have the opportunity to rebuild our energy policy and invest in clean energy.

Advocates Urge AZ Regulators to Keep Energy-Efficiency Standards

The Arizona Corporation Commission has received high marks for many of its recent policies benefiting the state’s ratepayers. But as the commission, which regulates the state’s public utilities, opens a two-day workshop on energy rules this week, the state’s Energy Efficiency Standard program is missing from the agenda.

Will the Corporation Commission be able to take a bow?

The spotlight has been shining bright on the Arizona Corporation Commission. Since the start of the year, utility disconnection policies, rate cases, deregulation, Arizona Public Service Co. customer education, Johnson Utilities & EPCOR, CenturyLink and 911, and numerous other issues have taken center stage.

Stronger renewable energy standard good for state’s economy

Thanks to this report, the benefits of REST are clear — and there are even more for Arizona to take advantage of by strengthening the policy. The numbers speak for themselves. I hope the commission takes note of this and feels confident that a stronger REST is the right move for Arizonans.

Arizona Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff: 2020 Progress Report

Arizona’s renewable energy standard has been instrumental in scaling investments and driving down the cost of renewable energy across the state to the benefit of Arizona’s utilities and ratepayers, according to a first-of-its-kind report released today by the nonprofit organization Ceres and its consultant, Strategen.